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Half-year report 2014


Vattenfall is deeply rooted in society, delivering energy to more than 10 million customers.

Sustainability strategy

Vattenfall is one of Europe's largest generators of electricity and the largest producer of heat. Our main products are electricity, heat and gas.

Our strategic direction includes:

  • Focus on a sustainable heat and electricity production.
  • Provide sustainable energy consumption by smart energy solutions.
  • Pursuing excellence in everything we do.

Vision and strategy

"We will build up a market position
as a company that offers smart and
sustainable energy solutions." Øystein Løseth, President and CEO

Electricity generation Q2 2014, %
Electricity generation Q2 2014, % Units
Fossil-based power 47 47
Nuclear power 27 27
Hydro power 23 23
Wind power, biomass, waste 3 3

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Research and Development

Vattenfall's R&D contributes to the development of tomorrow's energy system.

Research and Development

Vattenfall's power plants

More about our production

Becoming a more sustainable energy provider is a critical part of Vattenfall's strategy. This is a long-term commitment and we continuously take steps to improve our operations. Our strategy targets are:


  • Reduce carbon emissions
  • Grow in renewable energy generation
  • Improve energy-efficiency

Sustainability strategy

Our ten focus areas

Vattenfall will strive for continuous improvement. These ten focus areas are based on a dialogue with its external and internal stakeholders.

Our focus areas

Sustainable use of energy

Together, we can help reduce the negative impacts of energy consumption through sustainable energy use.

Sustainable solutions

Public health and safety

Safety is an absolute priority for us – we have made it one of Vattenfall's core values. Vattenfall is committed to creat a safe and healthy work environment.

A healthy and safe workplace

Financial and sustainability targets

Vattenfall's financial and sustainability targets are intended to ensure that Vattenfall creates value and generates a market rate of return, that the company strives for an efficient capital structure, and that its financial risk is kept at a reasonable level.

Financial information

Here you find Vattenfall's

  • financial reports
  • presentation slides
  • analyst and investor conference call audiocasts
  • webcasts from press conferences.


Financial information

Financial calendar

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News and media

  • 2014-09-02 | News Driving 2,383 kilometres with zero emissions

    Two Norwegian eco-pioneers set a new record when they filled a car with "compressed" electricity from Vattenfall's hydrogen station in Hamburg and drove to Berlin, proving that emission-free driving is possible not just in city traffic but also over longer distances.

  • 2014-08-28 | News Behzet from Hamburg helps Ezidies in Iraq

    Members of the Ezidi religion in Iraq have suffered greatly under the oppression from Islamic militants. "The worst is over but they had to leave their homes with pretty much nothing else than the clothes they were wearing. They need everything," says Cetin-Behzet Cengiz, portfolio risk analyst at Vattenfall in Germany, who is involved in aiding his fellow Ezidis.

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Smart Grids

As electricity generation increases, a need is growing for intelligent and flexible distribution networks.

Smart grids

A new energy landscape

The European energy system is about to undergo a major transformation. 

Renewable energy sources and more small-scale generation

About electricity and heat

Electricity and heat are produced from energy sources and each one of them has a number of advantages and disadvantages. 

Electricity and heat production

Facts about energy usage

The end use of energy is normally divided into four sectors: industry, transport, residential as well as commercial and public services. 

Facts about energy usage