Becoming a more sustainable energy provider is a critical part of Vattenfall's strategy. 

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Vattenfall is one of Europe's largest generators of electricity and the largest producer of heat. Our main products are electricity, heat and gas.

Our strategic direction includes:

  • Focus on a sustainable heat and electricity production.
  • Provide sustainable energy consumption by smart energy solutions.
  • Pursuing excellence in everything we do.

Vision and strategy

"We have operations based on six energy sources – it is an important strength that gives us good flexibility and makes us less vulnerable." Øystein Løseth, President and CEO

Electricity generation 2013, %
Electricity generation 2013, % Units
Fossil power 48 48 48
Nuclear power 29 29 29
Hydro power 20 20 20
Wind power 2 2 2
Biomass, waste 1 1 1

Vattenfall's total electricity generation amounted to 181,7 TWh .  

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Research and development

Vattenfall's R&D contributes to the development of tomorrow's energy system.

Research and development

Vattenfall's power plants

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Becoming a more sustainable energy provider is a critical part of Vattenfall's strategy. This is a long-term commitment and we continuously take steps to improve our operations. Our strategy consists of three pillars:

  • Enable sustainable energy use
  • Deliver sustainable energy production and distribution
  • Achieve sustainable financial performance

Sustainability at Vattenfall

Energy use

We are developing services and products to help you use energy in a smarter way. We also work to provide more sustainable, flexible and reliable energy supply.

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Environment and operations

We manage different energy sources, technologies and operations that interact with the environment in very different ways. Therefore, environmental consideration is a top priority.

Environment and operations

Public health and safety

Safety is core to Vattenfall - we must always act responsibly so that our operations do not interfere with the health and safety of our employees, the public or anyone else who comes into contact with Vattenfall.

Public health and safety

Financial and sustainable targets

Vattenfall's financial and sustainability targets are intended to ensure that Vattenfall creates value and generates a market rate of return, that the company strives for an efficient capital structure, and that its financial risk is kept at a reasonable level.

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Vattenfall Capital Markets Day, 2013

On 2 December, 2013, Vattenfall held its annual Capital Markets Day, at its offices at Arenastaden in Solna.

Topics covered included market trends, Vattenfall's market outlook and business & financial strategies.

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Year-end report 2013

Higher underlying operating profit – impairment losses in second quarter had negative effect on profit for full year.

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Financial calendar

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News and media

  • 2014-04-01 | News Lost underwater city discovered at Vattenfall wind farm site

    Artifacts from the sunken city of Rungholt – the Atlantis of the North - have been found after spending 652 years underwater. World media flock to the sensational archaeologist discovery at Vattenfall's new offshore wind farm.

  • 2014-04-01 | News How the weather affects the electricity price

    The weather is the factor which has the greatest effect on the price of electricity. This is why Vattenfall has four meteorologists employed who work with specially adapted weather forecasts so that the company can calculate supply, demand and price of electricity.

  • 2014-03-03 | News Greenpeace: Utilities are stuck in the past

    In a newly published report, Greenpeace claims that European energy utilities have spent their efforts on maintaining businesses mainly based on fossil fuels instead of promoting the introduction of renewable sources of energy.

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Smart Grids

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A new energy landscape

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