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Toward a more sustainable energy portfolio. 

Annual and sustainability report 2014 (PDF 4 MB)

Sustainable cities

Cities will be responsible for three-quarters of the energy use and related carbon emissions.

Our work for a sustainable planet

Key facts and figures

Vattenfall is owned by the Swedish state and is one of Europe's largest generators of electricity.

About Vattenfall

Vattenfall is one of Europe's largest generators of electricity and the largest producer of heat. Our main products are electricity, heat and gas.

Our strategic direction includes:

  • Focus on a sustainable heat and electricity production.
  • Provide sustainable energy consumption by smart energy solutions.
  • Pursuing excellence in everything we do.

Vision and strategy

Year-end report 2014

The report, presentation slides and material from the press conference.
Year-end report 2014

The history of Vattenfall

Vattenfall has a history going back over 100 years. This offers a lot to learn from. There are many stories to tell from the company's start right down to today.
Our history - the short version

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