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  • A little offshore picture story

    2014-04-23 | Blog post
    Are we getting closer to a “routine job”? We had a few days of wind and used that time to exchange the crew on the installation vessel as done regularly on a bi-weekly basis. Finally we got started on location 69 at 1 pm to install the fifth turbine … A little picture story: It was […]
  • As Spring is closing in there is more activities in the field – a lot more! Quite important we have a revisit of the heavy lift vessel “Oleg Strashnov”. This time it is delivering the jacket structure for the Tennet Sylwin Alpha platform, the converter station for our long awaited grid access. The “Oleg Strashnov” […]
  • Yesterday, one important milestone in the DanTysk project was reached: after a couple of rough and windy days offshore, the first of the 80 wind turbines in the 3.6-megawatt class was completed. With this step, the final installation phase of DanTysk has been kicked-off. The Pacific Osprey, the installation vessel, can carry components of up […]
  • Today, to the day eleven months after installing the first full foundation, we installed the first turbine DT 01 on the very same location. Well, almost – the blades are yet to come. Dense fog has prevented us for more than a day to approach the location close enough for installation. Luckily, fog usually comes with no wind, so […]
  • Summer of Construction to Start

    2014-04-01 | Blog post
    As of Friday last week we have started the main construction campaign in 2014. The harbor of Esbjerg is currently our stage. The vessel, the Pacific Osprey has arrived in Esbjerg - timely for loading of the first turbines The first 3.6 MW turbines from Siemens are being placed at the installation vessel.  Loading progressed as scheduled. Vessel and harbor […]
  • Artifacts from the sunken city of Rungholt – the Atlantis of the North - have been found after spending 652 years underwater. World media flock to the sensational archaeologist discovery at Vattenfall's new offshore wind farm.

  • The weather is the factor which has the greatest effect on the price of electricity. This is why Vattenfall has four meteorologists employed who work with specially adapted weather forecasts so that the company can calculate supply, demand and price of electricity.

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