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  • Vattenfall to enter race with Dong for best and cheapest offshore wind turbines, writes Danish business daily Borsen. New Vattenfall head, Magnus Hall, will lower prices to match Dong's ambition to make offshore wind at least 40 per cent cheaper. Moreover, Hall is out to make Vattenfall greener. Dong welcomes the offensive.

  • Vattenfall's new CEO Magnus Hall visited the company's wind centre in Esbjerg, Denmark on Monday. Hall came to Esbjerg as the company is about to break the barrier of 1000 wind turbines to be controlled from its surveillance centre at the Danish North Sea coast. 

  • The weather is becoming increasingly important to many of Vattenfall's operations. Managing the weather is of course impossible, but an R&D programme will aid the company to manage the impact of weather conditions.

  • Two Norwegian eco-pioneers set a new record when they filled a car with "compressed" electricity from Vattenfall's hydrogen station in Hamburg and drove to Berlin, proving that emission-free driving is possible not just in city traffic but also over longer distances.

  • Members of the Ezidi religion in Iraq have suffered greatly under the oppression from Islamic militants. "The worst is over but they had to leave their homes with pretty much nothing else than the clothes they were wearing. They need everything," says Cetin-Behzet Cengiz, portfolio risk analyst at Vattenfall in Germany, who is involved in aiding his fellow Ezidis.

  • The ongoing inspection of the third cavern in the German nuclear power plant Brunsbüttel reveals that a fourth of 40 barrels containing low and intermediate radioactive waste, show signs of corrosion.

  • Several environmental organisations will protest against the usage of brown coal for energy production in the Lusatia region this Saturday. 

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Last updated: 2014-02-04 10:43