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  • On 1 February 2015 Vattenfall will start to manage a 1.6 MW battery connected to a solar power plant in north-western Brandenburg.

  • Problems with new invoicing system

    2014-11-24 | News item

    Vattenfall's implementation of a new system for handling invoices has caused bigger problems than anybody had counted on. Today there are a considerable amount of unposted invoices awaiting processing in the system. 

  • Lignite in numbers

    2014-11-18 | News item
    Tags: Germany, Coal

    A changed ownership structure for Vattenfall's lignite operations in Germany might affect a total of 8,200 employees of which 7,800 are in the Lusatia region.

  • Fast food and fast charging

    2014-11-17 | News item
    Tags: Sweden, Electric mobility

    Eat a hamburger while charging your electric car at the same time. Vattenfall expects the expansion of its network of fast-charging stations in Sweden to take offthanks to its cooperation with operators such as a fast-food chain.

  • If a telescope works for watching birds, why wouldn't it work to inspect wind turbines?
    Nuon employee Teus van Verseveld quickly found out it works perfectly fine, saving the company both time and money.

  • Vattenfall to enter race with Dong for best and cheapest offshore wind turbines, writes Danish business daily Borsen. New Vattenfall head, Magnus Hall, will lower prices to match Dong's ambition to make offshore wind at least 40 per cent cheaper. Moreover, Hall is out to make Vattenfall greener. Dong welcomes the offensive.

  • Vattenfall's new CEO Magnus Hall visited the company's wind centre in Esbjerg, Denmark on Monday. Hall came to Esbjerg as the company is about to break the barrier of 1000 wind turbines to be controlled from its surveillance centre at the Danish North Sea coast. 

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