Environment and operations

At Vattenfall, environment is a top priority. We supply different products – such as electricity, district heating and gas – and manage many different energy sources, technologies and operations that impact the environment in different ways.

Our operations

Different energy sources and technologies have different environmental characteristics and impacts. Construction of power stations and power lines causes intrusion on the landscape and biodiversity, building and operating power stations consumes raw materials, and many energy sources produce emissions and waste.

Most of our activities are strictly regulated by laws, regulations and permits – on a global level, EU level, national and local level. But our ambitions go beyond simply complying with current regulations.

Read about environmental impact from our operations:

Key Environmental aspects

In order to be focused in our efforts, we have identified the following environmental aspects as of great importance: resource efficiency, emissions to air, soil and water, management of waste and by-products, responsible land use and biodiversity.

Managing our environmental performance

Vattenfall's environmental policy applies throughout the Group. It states the following: An important part of Vattenfall's vision is to be among the leaders in developing environmentally sustainable energy production. We work systematically with life cycle analyses and environmental product declarations to enable informed choices to reduce our environmental impact and to be transparent towards our stakeholders.

Environmental focus areas

To improve Vattenfall's environmental performance three focus areas have been identified:


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