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All about renewable energy

Biomass, wind, hydro and sun are all renewable energy sources. They often have an irregular output due to the weather.

Renewable energy sources 

Non-renewable energy

Coal, natural gas, nuclear power and oil are all non-renewable energy sources with a number of advantages and disadvantages.

Non-renewable energy sources

Pros and cons

In supplying society with energy, a balance must be struck between competitiveness, security of supply, and the environment.

Pros and cons of our energy sources

Types of energy sources

Each energy source has its pros and cons in terms of competitiveness, security of supply and the effects on the environment and climate. Are renewable energy sources the future for us? How environmentally friendly are the fossil fuels?
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Wind power

Wind power has no fuel costs, no emissions of CO2 and is the fastest growing source of energy in the EU.

Facts about wind power

Wind power at Vattenfall


Biomass is a renewable energy source, and can be anything from energy crops to agricultural or forestry residues and waste.

Facts about biomass

Biomass at Vattenfall

Hydro power

Hydro power harnesses the energy present in the movement of water, and is by far the leading renewable energy source in the EU.

Facts about hydro power

Hydro power at Vattenfall

Solar energy

When it is combined with energy storage and smart software solutions, solar energy becomes a reliable and ever cheaper source of energy.

Facts about solar energy

Solar energy at Vattenfall

Natural gas

Natural gas is used in a variety of industrial processes and is converted into heat and electricity. In households it is used for heating and cooking.

Facts about natural gas

Natural gas at Vattenfall

Nuclear power

Nuclear power plays a vital role in many European countries due to its security of supply and low CO2 emissions.

Facts about nuclear power

Nuclear power at Vattenfall


An efficient and inexpensive energy source, coal provides stable and large-scale electricity generation.

Facts about coal

Coal at Vattenfall


Oil is often used only as a back-up fuel when other plants cannot deliver enough energy, for instance during cold winter days.

Facts about oil