Solar energy at Vattenfall

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) has in recent years dropped significantly in cost, and will in the future be among the cheapest forms of new electricity generation in our core markets. 

Due to decreasing costs, high public support and low CO2 emissions, volumes of solar PV will continue to grow in our core markets; contributing to an increasing proportion of future electricity generation.

The scale of solar PV capacity – especially in densely populated areas such as Europe - is quite different to traditional power plants. Solar PV tends to be much smaller in unit sizes compared to nuclear, coal and gas generation; installations occur in higher numbers and lower capacities spread out across the electricity system.  Furthermore, it is becoming financially attractive for our customers to install solar PV on the roof, resulting in increasing volumes of decentralised electricity generation. Vattenfall are exploring several ways to enable our customers in this transformation towards a decentralised energy world.

Vattenfall is looking for opportunities in three main areas

  1. Developing large scale solar PV farms, especially where Vattenfall has the opportunity to use existing infrastructure to help reduce costs. One such example is the recent commissioning of 5 MW of solar PV (supplying the equivalent of 1,440 Welsh households co-located at our wind farm Parc Cynog in Wales.
  2. Vattenfall is exploring how to facilitate decentralised energy generation at the point of consumption for both private and business customers. This will result in new energy services where Vattenfall provides solutions for our customers' needs, enabling them to generate and consume own solar PV electricity.
  3. Further business opportunities arise in offering market access services and power purchase agreements to small scale solar PV generators who are looking to market their excess generation. Vattenfall have the competencies, scale and systems to offer trading and marketing of solar PV to small and medium sized solar PV producers helping them sell and optimize their generation.
Last updated: 2017-04-04 16:39