Wind power at Vattenfall

Vattenfall's Wind business continues to be a leading player in offshore wind power worldwide as well as one of the leading companies in onshore wind power in Denmark and the Netherlands.

We currently operate a portfolio of about 1,100 wind power turbines with total installed capacity of 2,751 MW across five countries.

Important events 2017

  • Inauguration of Ray wind farm – Vattenfall inaugurated Ray wind farm in Northumberland, UK in July. The onshore wind farm consists of 16 turbines with total capacity of just over 54 MW and will be able to supply 30,000 UK households with electricity.
  • Inauguration of Sandbank offshore wind farm – The Sandbank offshore wind farm, a cooperation between Vattenfall and Stadtwerke München, was inaugurated in July. The wind farm consists of 72 turbines and has installed capacity of 288 MW. The wind farm will provide 400,000 German households with renewable energy.
  • Inauguration of Pen y Cymoedd onshore wind farm – Vattenfall inaugurated its largest onshore wind farm, Pen y Cymoedd, in Wales. The wind farm consists of 76 turbines, has installed capacity of 228 MW, and can supply 188,000 households with renewable energy.
  • Acquisition of 118 MW onshore wind project in the Netherlands – Vattenfall acquired the Wieringermeer Extension project and will build an additional 32 wind turbines with a capacity of 118 MW next to the company's existing Wieringermeer wind farm. Commissioning is expected in 2019.
  • Repowering and expansion of largest Dutch wind farm – Vattenfall decided to invest more than EUR 200 million to repower and expand the Wieringermeer onshore wind farm in the Netherlands. Vattenfall will replace the wind farm's 50 existing wind turbines with the latest technology to a capacity of 180 MW by 2020. Together with the recently acquired neighbouring Wieringermeer Extension project, the combined facility will reach a total capacity of 298 MW.

Vattenfall's investment plan

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