Environmental impact

In the Danish Energy Agency's Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) and environmental report it states that Horns Rev and the offshore wind farm project is located in an area of the North Sea where there is a rich bird life of both resting and migrating birds.

Precisely because of the presence of sea birds and waders, Horns Rev and the Wadden Sea area south of it are of great national and international importance. Furthermore, due to good conditions for diverse fish species, the area is also of great significance to porpoises and seals.

Achievement of political energy goals 

The Danish Energy Agency's comprehensive statement on the wind farm's potential environmental impact concludes that: "The impact will not be of a size for either the marine ecosystem or the terrestrial ecosystem that would mean that the disadvantages of implementing the project exceed the benefits. The impact that may be caused will in the vast majority of cases be temporary and in most cases be attached to the plant's activities themselves."

"By implementing the project it is ensured that in the long term there will be a reduction in CO2 emissions, whereby the project will contribute to an achievement of the political goals regarding energy."

Last updated: 2016-06-30 09:39