Klim wind farm

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The Klim wind farm in Northwest Jutland is Denmark's largest of its kind onshore. The farm is able to supply electricity to 64,000 households annually.

Vattenfall dismantled the existing 35 wind turbines on Klim Fjordholme in the early summer of 2014 and have now replaced them with 22 new, larger, much more efficient wind turbines, one of which will be owned by Klim Vindenergi.

Windy heights

Wind conditions at Klim Fjordholme are optimal for the new 3.2 MW wind turbines, which have a hub height of almost 100 metres, twice that of the old 600 kW wind turbines. At around 100 metres, the mean wind speed at the Klim site is 8.1 m/s. By way of comparison, the mean wind speed at the same height in North Zealand is 6.7 m/s. The 35 dismantled wind turbines have already been sold for recycling in Italy and Ireland, among other countries.

Klim wind farm Established in 2014-2015
Number of wind turbines 22
Manufactured by Siemens
Hub height and wing span 94 m / 113 m
Capacity per turbine 3,200 kW (3.2 MW)
Total capacity 70.4 million W (70.4 MW)
Annual production / household consumption 256,000 MWh / 64,000
Last updated: 2016-04-05 11:11