News about the offshore wind farm project Sandbank

Sandbank offshore wind farm fully commissioned

Sandbank has supplied the electricity network with wind power[27.01.2017] ... On 25 January, the offshore wind farm Sandbank was fully connected to the grid.
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Sandbank has supplied the electricity network with wind power

Sandbank has supplied the electricity network with wind power[09.08.2016] ... The offshore wind power plant Sandbank has now supplied the German electricity network with its first wind power.
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Setting sail with a 2,400-tonne giant

Sandbank offshore substation beginning its voyage[02.05.2016] ... After around 16 months of construction, the offshore substation for the Sandbank offshore wind farm is beginning its voyage to the wind farm construction site 90 kilometres west of Sylt.
Video of substation starting its voyage from Aalborg

Sandbank substation construction underway

Sandbank substation construction[14.03.2016] ... News from Vattenfall is onsite in Aalborg, Denmark,  where the substation to the Sandbank offshore wind farm is being built. But what is a substation? 

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Last foundations installed

Workers at Sandbank[12.02.2016] ... On 12 February, the last of a total of 72 foundations for the Sandbank offshore wind farm was installed. The works had to be called off repeatedly over the past few months due to the inclement winter weather.

Sandbank begins to take shape

The vessel Pacific Orca[03.02.2016] ... Sandbank offshore wind farm begins to take shape. Construction of the Sandbank offshore wind farm in the North Sea is progressing well. Almost all 72 foundations are now in place and the installation of the turbines is scheduled to start in the summer. Since construction began last summer, a total of 69 of the 72 have been installed.
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Installation start of inner park cabling for offshore wind farm Sandbank

The vessel Rotterdam, laying cables for Sandbank[14.09.2015] ... By laying in the first power cable between the monopiles “SB 28C” and “SB 29C” Vattenfall and Stadtwerke München (SWM) have started the so-called inner park cabling of the offshore wind farm Sandbank, 90 km west of the coast of Sylt.
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Mines tackled at Sandbank offshore site

Mine disposal operation at sea[10.06.2015] ... While preparing for the construction of the Sandbank offshore wind farm in the North Sea, 26 mines were found in the seabed. The mines have now been disposed of using a remote controlled plasma beam.The construction of Vattenfall and Stadtwerke München's 288 MW Sandbank offshore wind farm is scheduled to start mid-June.
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New technology for Sandbank foundations

Materials used in the construction of Sandbank offshore wind farm[27.04.2015] ... The new Sandbank offshore wind farm project benefits from the experience of previous projects. An example is the new technology for joining the foundations Instead of using cement (grout), the monopile and transition piece are now joined by means of a flange.

Production of the foundations commences in Rostock

An employee with a component for the offshore wind farm[18.12.2014] ... Vattenfall and Stadtwerke München (SWM) have given the go ahead for the production of components for the Sandbank offshore wind farm. The initial stage will involve the production of 72 steel foundations (monopiles) for the wind turbines by EEW Special Pipe Constructions GmbH in Rostock.

Sandbank wind farm area

The Sandbank offshore wind farm project area is located 90 kilometres off the coast of Sylt in the German North Sea and is therefore not visible either from land or from the islands just off the coast.

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The environment

Just as with any other infrastructure project, a responsible attitude towards the environment and the natural surroundings is a key aspect of offshore projects like the Sandbank project. 

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Technology and components

Once the wind farm is completed, 72 wind turbines spread out over an area of 60 square kilometres will be using their vast rotor blades to turn the powerful North Sea wind into green energy. 

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The ships in action

Five specially-selected ships will be used during the various construction phases of the project. At peak times up to ten vessels are in action in the wind farm at the same time.

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