Vattenfall Integrity Programme

The Group wide face to face integrity training is called the Vattenfall Integrity Programme (VIP) and in particular covers

  • anti-trust/competition
  • anti-bribery and anti-corruption
  • conflicts of interest; and
  • inside information.

The training includes information on the eight principles in the Code of Conduct and the merits of the Vattenfall whistleblowing function. It is communicated continuously.

The aim of the VIP is to raise the level of awareness, to ensure that Vattenfall's employees understand the integrity standards Vattenfall expects of them and to ensure a common compliance culture.

Participation in VIP is mandatory once every three years for higher managers and for certain other employees, especially those with extensive competitor contacts.

During the face-to-face training, a lot of questions are raised by the participants about Integrity in general and there is room to discuss daily work situations in depth. Further guidance is offered when needed. Questions and dilemmas form a basis to improve the training and to develop the guidance in relation to the Code of Conduct.

In 2017, approximately 700 people within Vattenfall were trained through VIP.

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E-learning is available both as preparation for the VIP face-to-face session and for employees who do not have to follow the full VIP. There are three e-learning tools in the integrity area:

  • Competition law, as preparation for the VIP face-to-face session.
  • Anti-bribery and anti-corruption. This is a complement to the VIP. It is mandatory for higher managers and for some other employees, especially those with extensive competitor contacts and those working in certain departments.
  • The Code of Conduct training tool. This is composed of a number of dilemmas and describes real life situations where the Code of Conduct comes into play.
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