Whistleblowing is a procedure that is voluntarily implemented by Vattenfall and which allows employees, consultants, contractors and suppliers to report serious irregularities at Vattenfall. Whistleblowing reports can be filed to one of Vattenfall's external ombudsmen as a complement to the internal reporting lines.


It is of great importance to Vattenfall to protect the company, employees, suppliers, customers, the environment and society as a whole against serious irregularities that might be conducted by Vattenfall or Vattenfall's employees (including temporary staff). If serious irregularities can be found at an early stage, Vattenfall has a better possibility to prevent risks and limit the damage to the benefit not only of Vattenfall but also of its employees and other stakeholders.

Therefore, Vattenfall has established a possibility for employees, consultants, contractors and suppliers to report serious irregularities. By reporting to the external ombudsman, they have the option to remain anonymous.

When to use

External stakeholders (business partners, suppliers, agents, customers etc.) can report a serious irregularity to one of the external ombudsmen (see contact details below) or directly to the Internal Audit department of Vattenfall (GroupInternalAudit@vattenfall.com).

Vattenfall encourages every employee to report a violation of the law or the Vattenfall Code of Conduct first of all internally. Reports may be made to the manager, a national integrity coordinator or the Internal Audit department.

Employees who, for some reason, do not wish to report a serious violation internally may contact one of the external ombudsmen within the whistleblowing function. The ombudsmen are experienced external lawyers independent from the Vattenfall Group. They shall act in accordance with professional discretion.


Reporting to the ombudsmen provides the option to remain anonymous. The personal data and other information which an ombudsman receives from a whistleblower will be handled strictly confidential until the point when the whistleblower allows the ombudsman to pass on all or part of this information to the ombudsman's contact person at Vattenfall.

It is prohibited to attempt to determine the identity of the informant in a whistleblowing matter.

Overview of Vattenfall's External Ombudsmen

Country and law firm Telephone number
Advokatfirman Delphi
+46 8 677 55 30

Fachanwälte für Strafrecht am Potsdamer Platz mbB
Dr. Rainer Frank

+ 49 30 318685-44
Sachse Advocatuur
+31 (0)6 54 798 218
United Kingdom
Advokatfirman Delphi
+46 8 677 55 30
Nyborg & Rørdam
+45 33 387026
Eversheds Asianajotoimisto Oy
+358 106 84 16 01
+48 22 257 83 00
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