Shareholder and Shareholder's meeting

The shareholder's right to make decisions about Vattenfall's affairs is exercised at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and other general meetings.

Through a general meeting resolution on the content of the Articles of Association, the owner makes decisions on the company's operations. In accordance with the Swedish state's ownership policy, the company's financial targets are also decided on by a general meeting.

By law, the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Vattenfall AB is to be held within six months after the end of the financial year and, according to the Swedish state's ownership policy, by 30 April at the latest.


  • elects the Board of Directors, the Chairman of the Board and the auditors, and decides on their fees
  • adopts the income statement and balance sheet for Vattenfall AB and the Vattenfall Group
  • decides on distribution of the company's profit
  • grants discharge from liability for the board members and President
  • decides on guidelines for remuneration of senior executives; and
  • decides on other matters of business as prescribed by law or the Company's Articles of Association

Next Annual General Meeting

Time and place for the Annual General Meeting 2018 will be published on this site no later than October 2017.

The latest Annual General Meeting

Vattenfall's AGM 2017 was held on 27 April at Vattenfall's Head Office in Solna. The AGM was open to the public.

View a webcast from the Annual General Meeting (in Swedish)

The Annual General Meeting adopted the annual report and consolidated financial statements for 2016, submitted by the Board of Directors and CEO, resolved to distribute the company's result and discharged the members of the Board and the CEO from liability. The AGM furthermore decided on remuneration to the Directors of the Board.

Fredrik Rystedt was elected as new Director of the Board. Staffan Bohman left the Board of Directors.

Presentations and statements

Minutes from the Annual General Meeting 2017 (PDF 311 kB)

Chairman's statement 2017 (PDF 215 kB)

CEO statement 2017 (PDF 304 kB)

Minutes and presentations from previous Annual General Meetings are available in the corporate governance archive.

Please note that the translations are for convenience only. The Swedish documents are the originals and can be found on

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