Dividend policy

The Extraordinary General Meeting on 28 November 2012 decided that Vattenfall will retain its current dividend policy.

The dividend payout ratio shall, in the long-term, correspond to 40-60 per cent of the profit for the year. However, at annual dividend decisions, the company's strategy, financial position and other financial targets shall be taken into consideration.

The Extraordinary General Meeting decided on the following new financial targets:


The owner's long-term profitability target is nine per cent return on capital employed (operating profit/average capital employed).

Capital structure

Vattenfall has two targets for its capital structure:

  • Debt/equity ratio of 50-90 per cent (financial net debt/equity)
  • FFO/adjusted net debt of 22-30 per cent (funds from operations/adjusted net debt)

Changed financial targets

Vattenfall AB will hold an extraordinary general meeting on 12 December 2017, in order to decide on changed financial targets.

Last updated: 2017-11-09 08:32