Maintenance and outages

In the table below, we list capacity reduction of power production units in the United Kingdom as well as reductions of inflow and outflow capacity of Epe gas storage due to outages and maintenance.

Geographical area

On the platform below, Vattenfall publishes capacity reductions higher than 100 MW for production units situated in the United Kingdom.

Capacity reductions of more than 100 MW for German and Dutch units are published on the EEX platform. Capacity reductions for Nordic units are published via NordPool Spot.

Epe gas storage reductions

For the Epe gas storage, we list inflow and outflow capacity reductions due to outages and maintenance (urgent market messages and planned maintenance).

You can use the filter to sort the information by plant name and availability type. By filtering the "unavailability range", you will receive all outages that partially or fully occurred during this period. By filtering the "update range", you can search for the most recent messages. Additionally, you can sort the table by plant name, fuel and other characteristics.  

Last updated: 2013-10-08 16:21