Customer products and solutions

Vattenfall's strategy is to strengthen the customer focus and transform the energy portfolio to more sustainable production. The R&D portfolio Customer products and solutions has a significant role in this work.

The portfolio consists of two main areas, E-mobility and Energy management, the latter primarily focusing on smart energy solutions for homes and commercial buildings. The portfolio will selectively develop new products and services to end customers within each of these areas.


In Sweden the transport sector is by far the largest user of fossil fuels. To reduce the dependency of fossil fuels and the emission of greenhouse gases we believe that that a transformation to a system primarily based on electricity is necessary and efficient. Especially in the Nordic countries this results in a drastic reduction in the use of fossil fuels since the electricity is already today produced from carbon neutral sources. In addition to the reduced dependence of fossil fuels there are many other benefits with e-mobility, for example drastically reduced noise as well as local emissions. Vattenfall´s R&D in this field is focused on technical solutions of charging vehicles and intelligent supply of electricity.

Three main areas are:

  • Smart charging of passenger cars, including automatic charging.
  • Inner city transports with focus on buses.
  • Electric Road Systems (ERS) including electric highways for heavy vehicles and industrial use of ERS.

More information about E-mobility

R&D – electric mobility

Electric mobility

Vattenfall's "Med samlad kraft (With unified power)" project shows that we can all consume energy more smartly.
With unified power

The charging network inCharge 

Energy Management

The Vattenfall ambition is to supply a wide range of energy solutions and services to private and business customers. Focused development work and a timely market launch of products, services and partnerships are required. The R&D in this field is currently focusing on:

  • Continuous development and test of EnergyWatch for improved energy optimization and increased customer value. This is currently mainly focusing on smart homes and control of electrical heating.
  • Development of more advanced solutions (based on Energikontrollen) to solve specific energy issues for different business customers. One example being Smart Churches, handling temperature and moisture problems connected to historical buildings.
  • New business models based on consumption flexibility, as there is a potential for demand response as a new asset on the Swedish wholesale market through an automated process.
  • Innovation activities aiming for new and better products and solutions. This includes, for example, the Vattenfall Innovation Awards.
  • Extensive, high quality integration testing of products in the new Smart Home i-Lab (inaugurated in October 2015).
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