Future of the energy system

The energy system is facing fundamental changes. Society, both globally and locally, is showing an increased interest in sustainable and renewable energy solutions.

At the same time renewable energy technology continues to increase its competitiveness. Integration between the sectors electricity, heat and transport will create a more complex system.

Transforming towards a more sustainable energy system will mean fundamental changes to how electricity and heat is generated, stored and used. Therefore the need for system level understanding is larger than ever to maintain security of supply, keep transformation costs down and to integrate more renewable energy sources, which are variable by their nature. Although there will be challenges, more important is that a changing market also opens up for new possibilities where Vattenfall will focus on sustainable business opportunities.

The future of the energy system portfolio

The future of the energy system portfolio has two programs, Energy System Analysis and Concept Development, aiming to:

  • Understand how the energy system is changing and how new arising technologies affect the system as a whole and what that means for Vattenfall.
  • Develop and analyse concepts that meet future environmental, technical, political and economic demands.

Program: Energy System Analysis

Through collaboration with universities (Chalmers University of Technology, Royal Institute of Technology, Uppsala etc.), organisations and other companies an understanding of the energy system is developed. Close internal cooperation on strategic initiatives is essential when modelling potential future scenarios and pathways, with the purpose of supporting Vattenfall to foresee both local and global market changes.

Program: Concept Development

Ideas and concepts influenced both from in-house research from all departments and outside technological advancements within the energy sector are being evaluated by defining value chains. The concept value chains are evaluated from the perspective of their environmental impact, the technical feasibility, societal acceptance, economic performance and system integration capability.

If and how a new concept will be implemented depends on many variables. A concept found suitable for Vattenfall is transferred to relevant receiver within Vattenfall (Business Area/Strategy/Business Development). Although some concepts may not present a business opportunity it is still important to understand how the concept benefit society as a whole and what impact it might have on Vattenfall’s future business.

Last updated: 2015-09-18 13:18