Energy trading in brief

Market conditions in the European energy sector are challenging, with low prices, slow growth in demand and decreasing predictability due to strong renewable energy production.

In the Business Area Markets, we secure the competitive edge for our customers and the Vattenfall group by rapidly responding to market changes and seizing business opportunities.

We cover all energy-related commodities and provide wholesale market support to internal and external customers.

Ensure the needed supply of energy

Almost no country can cover its energy needs from its own sources today. Energy trading offers the possibility to ensure the needed supply of energy and it protects from supply shortages and price fluctuations. Any energy source can be traded, either promptly on the spot market or with a longer perspective on the forward market.

Operate Vattenfall's generation

Our Asset Optimisation business operates Vattenfall's generation portfolio with an annual power production of more than 160 TWh. We plan the production and sell it on the market. We also offer ancillary services for transmission system operators and optimisation services to third party customers.

Quick facts about Asset Optimisation and Trading

  • 670 employees from 30 countries
  • Operations in five countries: Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark and Poland
  • Head of Business Area Markets is Anna Borg.
  • Trading in the Nordic countries, Continental and Central Eastern Europe, the United Kingdom – and across the rest of the world with global commodities
  • Operates in the market under the legal entity "Vattenfall Energy Trading"
  • Operates Vattenfall's generation portfolio with an annual power production exceeding 160 TWh – for instance, deciding when and how the plants generate electricity

Energy exchanges on which we trade

We trade on the following energy exchanges and gas hubs:

Energy exchanges Gas hubs
APX-Endex, Amsterdam CEGH, Austria
Belpex, Brussels Gaspool, Germany
BSP SouthPool, Ljubljana NCG, Germany
EEX Power Derivates, Leipzig NBP, UK
EPEX Spot, Paris PEG, France
EXAA, Vienna TTF, The Netherlands
GME, Rome Virtual Trading Point, Czech Republic (PDF)
HUPX, Budapest Zeebrugge, Belgium
ICE, London  
ISOT, Bratislava  
Nord Pool, Oslo  
NYMEX, New York  
OTE, Prague  
POLPX, Warsaw  
PXE, Prague  
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