Fuels and freight

We source, handle and deliver fuels for Vattenfall’s power plants and business partners.


We source, transport, store, blend, market and trade hard coal on the global coal market. We ensure that the right quality of coal is delivered at the right time and at the best possible price to our customers.

We constantly strive to improve corporate responsibility in the hard coal supply chain. We have founded Bettercoal, together with a group of energy utilities in Europe.  As a common platform for industry peers, trade unions, NGOs and mining companies, Bettercoal aims at creating and implementing a globally accepted standard for sourcing coal and strives to drive forward continuous improvement in the coal supply chain, with a focus on mine site level.


We provide market access to European gas hubs and exchanges, and are active participants in those natural gas markets. We source a gas volume of nine bcm per year. Our well-balanced sourcing portfolio of short, mid and long-term sourcing deals, together with storage capacities and transmission rights, enables us to offer tailor made and flexible products for large industrial customers and municipal utilities.


Oil is still a very important commodity in the global society. Supply and demand is an indicator of the performance of the global economy and the oil price usually affects prices for all other commodities.

We conduct oil trading by using our expert knowledge of a marketplace that changes rapidly. We manage several fuel oil and gas oil storage terminals in the Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark and have more than 1.3 million cubic metres of storage space which we also offer to the market participants.


Vattenfall is also an active player in the international biomass market. We source biomass for Vattenfall and our business partners through spot and long-term deals, and fulfil the logistical services relating to the deliveries.

With our global market and trading knowledge, we ensure the best value and state-of-the art products for our customers, helping them to remain competitive.


We hire vessels for transport and operate our own fleet of tugs and barges on the Baltic Sea. To increase our flexibility in transporting fuels, we leverage our market insight by using time charters.

Last updated: 2013-10-05 20:35