Vattenfall has substantial presence in the European wholesale power markets and offers trading over the counter and on exchanges.

We provide market access to more than 15 power markets and counterparties while further developing our cross border trading. Our counterparts can meet us on all major energy exchanges and over the counter markets. We take Vattenfall's power production to intraday, day-ahead and long-term markets, and perform proprietary trading on top.

Liquid and transparent markets are essential for a well-functioning European power market. We contribute to that goal through our activities as a market maker at energy exchanges and by publishing detailed data on our generation and gas assets.

Virtual power plant

With our access to wholesale markets and our expertise in option trading, we can offer products that reproduce the commercial exposure of a power station without the costs and risks associated with the ownership of that asset.

Our Virtual Power Plant enables you to buy power in exchange for fuel. The buyer can either physically deliver the fuel or offset the difference financially.

The virtual power plant enables you to:

  • Diversify your base load portfolio with peak power
  • Get additional flexibility in your power production
  • Gain access to assets without the investment costs
  • Sell some of your own production flexibility
Last updated: 2013-10-05 20:28