Gas storage

Vattenfall's Epe gas storage is located in the municipality of Gronau in Germany, close to the Dutch border. On this page you can find general information and availability of the storage. 

You can also read more about the actual in and outflows of our Epe gas storage and receive information about the conditions under which access can be granted.

General information

Gas is stored in caverns, which were leached for the production of salt and later modified to store natural gas. Our facility is connected to the Dutch high pressure gas transmission system operated by Gas Transport Servcies BV (GTS) and to the German high pressure gas transmission grid operated by Open Grid Europe GmbH.

Working gas volume: 3.011.904.000 kWh
Max. withdrawal capacity from storage to GTS* grid:  4.884.722 kWh/h
Max. injection capacity from GTS* grid to storage: 3.517.000 kWh/h
Potential withdrawal capacity from storage to OGE** grid: 976.944 kWh/h

Connected to:

GTS* grid for injection and withdrawal, TTF**** market area OGE-L*** grid for withdrawal only, NCG***** market area
Gas quality: 9.77 kWh/m³(n)

*GTS = Gas Transport Services BV

**OGE = Open Grid Europe

***OGE-L = network shich transports low caloric gas

****TTF = Title Transfer Facility

*****NCG = Net Connect Germany

Epe maintenance and outages

We list scheduled and unscheduled reduction of gas inflow and outflow capacities for the Epe gas storage (urgent market messages and planned maintenances).

Maintenance and outages

Access to gas storage

For information on available volumes and enquiries on contracting capacity please contact:

Are you interested in booking capacity in our Epe gas storage? Please find commercial information on how to get access for third parties:

Storage contract
General terms and conditions
General information and fees

Usage of gas storage

For information on the usage of the Epe gas storage facility we refer to the GIE website.

Amongst other the following data is available:

  • In- and outflow
  • The total stock at the end of the previous day

Data is available from 1 January 2016 till current date.

Last updated: 2018-11-19 16:06