Vattenfall focuses on three main markets: the Nordics, Germany and the Netherlands.

Vattenfall has a strong position in these three markets and is market leader in the Nordics and the Netherlands, through the Nuon brand.

Aside from Vattenfall's three main markets, the UK is a growth market, primarily within wind power. Our first large-scale solar farm is located in the UK, with a capacity of 5 MW and an annual output sufficient to supply 1,441 British households.

Vattenfall total 2015

Electricity generation, TWh 82.8 74.5 13.6
Sales of electricity, TWh 88.0 89.8 19.4
Sales of electricity, number of customers
1,317,000 2,935,000 1,973,000
Sales of heat, TWh 5.5 15.1 2.0
Sales of gas, TWh 0 8.9 41.8
Sales of gas, number of customers 0 348,000 1,714,700
Electricity network, transited volume, TWh 69.2 13.3 0
Electricity network, number of customers 899,000 2,304,000 0
Last updated: 2016-10-07 15:54