Nordic Market Design Forum – Feasibility study

From Vattenfall's perspective the report provides a useful reminder that the Nordic countries have a lot to gain from further cooperation.

It also provides several proposals to improve the design of the balancing market. In Vattenfall we are convinced that an efficient and well-functioning framework to price imbalances is an absolutely necessary prerequisite to support the development of more active customers and in the end enable climate smarter solutions. We continuously need to seek ways to improve and refine this part of the market design.

Vattenfall look forward to participate as an active stakeholder in the different processes that are already initiated or will follow in this area.

Nordic Market Design Forum – Feasibility study, Final report September 2017 (PDF 2 MB)

The study participants

The study participants included: Danish Energy Association, DONG Energy, Energinet, Elering, Fingrid, Finnish Energy, Fortum, Pöyry Management Consulting, Statkraft, Energi Norge, Vattenfall. Stakeholders present as observers at the workshops included OED (Olje- og energidepartementet) and Energistyrelsen.

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