Bicycle Sharing

To power climate smarter means of transport, we welcome all visitors - both internal and external - to take the train and use our bicycles to get to us. This does not only decrease your carbon footprint, but also gives you the possibility to use the time on the train in a manner that is more valuable to you than driving a car. In addition, all employees and visitors are welcome to use the bicycles during lunch break etc.

Get going

Before your first ride, you need register a user account via the link on the right hand side. If you register with a, you will get access directly, otherwise you have to wait until your account gets approved manually. Next, you have to confirm your address and to download the app that is referred to in the e-mail. Now, you are ready.


Everything is handled through the app. You can borrow and return bicycles at the designed stations. You can stop wherever on the way and lock/unlock your bicycle for a stop. Finally, you can use the app to report any errors.

All loans are limited to 1.5 hours. When borrowing a bicycle, you have 30 minutes to open the lock and to start your trip; after that time, the bicycle will be available to everybody again. The idea is that you should be able to reserve a bicycle sufficiently early to catch the train; if all bicycles already are reserved or not any longer available, you have enough time to walk to the train station.

To borrow and return bicycles, you need internet connection. In addition both Bluetooth and satellite navigation have to be activated when returning bicycles as they can only be returned at the designed stations. For borrowing, it is sufficient to have internet connection and Bluetooth activated.

No go

The bicycles are not supposed to be used for daily commuting.

Help and feedback

You are welcome to contact us via We are eager to listen to your feedback. To report problems with individual bicycles, please use the app. 

Vattenfall locations that offer bicycle sharing

Älvkarleby laboratorium.

Visa större karta

Designated bicycle stations are and

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