R&D – electric mobility

Electricity will play an important role in the transport sector of the future. We believe that there will be several types of electric vehicles.

Both pure electric as well as plug-in hybrids that run on electricity and other fuels. Using electricity would mean cheaper, cleaner and silent transport.

Vattenfall has worked intermittently with electric vehicles since the 1980s. We started again in 2006 and have made significant progress, but further technological development is still needed.

Our development work in the electrification of transport is divided into three main fields:

  • Optimised low power charging solutions
  • Future charging solutions
  • Exploratory and feasibility studies

Cooperation is a cornerstone of Vattenfall's Research and Development (R&D) programme. Our partners include vehicle manufacturers, universities and research institutes such as Chalmers University of Technology, Royal Institute of Technology and Viktoria Swedish ICT. We also collaborate with Elforsk, the Swedish jointly-owned energy industry R&D organisation.

Optimised low power charging solutions

Several of our R&D projects aim to make charging at normal power convenient, and to ensure that the power grid can cope with the load from many electric vehicles.

We are looking into home charging, so that charging can be made possible considering household power capacity, energy usage, electricity contracts, as well as environmental aspects. Other research areas include public charging and charging of entire electric vehicle fleets.

Future Charging Solutions

Our efforts to create better charging solutions focus on fast charging and automatic charging.

Fast charging requires high charging power. We work to optimise the connection to the power grid so it can efficiently manage these new solutions.

Automatic charging means wireless charging. The car is placed over a coil in the ground and electricity is transferred to the car battery, without components having direct physical contact.

Exploratory Feasible Stories

We test and evaluate technical solutions that could become available in the future. Such solutions include electric road systems, plug-in hybrid city buses, and fully electric heavy vehicles. We are also investigating new ways of using old electric vehicle batteries.

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