Vattenfall's sponsorship programmes aim to support initiatives in communities where we operate and add value to society.

Long-term engagement and responsibility are two important elements in our sponsorship initiatives, as well as conveying our message of a climate smarter future and our goal of being fossil-free within one generation.

Our sponsorship programmes cover sports and culture as well as social and environmental concerns, and they reflect our commitment to good citizenship.

We provide sponsorship for a range of local projects in our main markets

These projects include include skiing events, local sponsorships in places where we are operational, offering energy tips at the world's coldest marketplace and supporting students in various projects.



The Netherlands



Winter and winter sports have a distinct connection with Vattenfall´s historical heritage in Northern Europe and to our main product, electricity.

We have been engaged in ski sports since 1994, when we became a sponsor of the Swedish Ski Association.

We know that many of our customers and employees are interested in ski sports, so we want to engage in their passion. Through our sponsorships we support established ski athletes as well as children and young talents starting their careers.

More about our ski sponsoring (in Swedish)

The waterfall days in Trollhättan and Älvkarleby

In 1909, Vattenfall first began generating electricity from the canal and water supply in Trollhättan, a town in the west part of Sweden. One year later, the power plant in Älvkarleby, north of Stockholm, was built in order to supply the railroad with electricity.

During "the waterfall days", there is a festival with lots of activities, music and guided tours of our hydro plant. The main attraction is the water releases. It is a unique experience to see hundreds of thousands of litres of water per second being released from the repository to create a spectacular waterfall.

More about the waterfall days (in Swedish)


Jokkmokk's marketplace – a more than 400 year old tradition

Jokkmokk's market is the world's coldest marketplace, and has taken place at the beginning of February every year since 1605. Around 40,000 people visit the marketplace each year. Jokkmokk's marketplace offers lectures, performances, handicrafts and Lappish traditions from the indigenous people of the northern region of Sweden. Today a mixture of the traditional handicrafts and modern products are traded.

Vattenfall participates at the marketplace with a heated Sami tent, offering warm lemonade, hand warmers and energy tips.

More about Jokkmokk's marketplace (in Swedish)


For the fourth year in succession, Vattenfall was a partner of the Vattenfall World Triathlon Stockholm, which is Sweden's biggest triathlon.

The Vattenfall World Triathlon Stockholm is Sweden's biggest triathlon competition, as well as one of nine world championship rounds for the world elite.

For the last few years, in conjunction with the competition, Vattenfall has held free triathlon training sessions for the general public in Stockholm, Vattenfall Try Triathlon.

In 2016, for the first time, we also held these popular training evenings in Gothenburg and Jönköping.

More about the Vattenfall World Triathlon Stockholm (in Swedish)

Pride festival in Stockholm

By supporting the Pride festival, Vattenfall is endorsing a basic principle of diversity and taking a stand against all forms of discrimination. We aim to create attractive workplaces where there is an atmosphere of tolerance and openness, and where employees' individual requirements and skills are taken into account.




Urban gardening – Berlin

Every year, thousands of people move to Berlin. Residential construction is booming causing more and more green areas to vanish. To help the city face the challenges of a growing city and contribute to a „greener" Berlin, Vattenfall opened its first community garden in the centre of Berlin in June 2016 and invited all neighbours to plant the garden together. This was the starting point for our long-term initiative „Pflanz was!", which will be continuously expanded to other parts of Berlin. The gardens are open for everyone: all Berliners are invited to spend their time there and to plant together. Furthermore, Vattenfall offers workshops in the gardens and do-it-yourself garden tips online.

More about our urban gardening initiative (in German)

Basketball – Hamburg Towers

Since January 2016 Vattenfall is proud partner of the Hamburg Towers basketball team. The aim of this partnership is to support young talents and promote basketball in order to make it a leading sport in Hamburg.

The Vattenfall Basketball Academy is a major pillar of the partnership. In collaboration with the Sport ohne Grenzen organisation, Vattenfall and the Hamburg Towers are bringing basketball to 2,000 youngsters in over 20 Hamburg schools. Through weekly basketball lessons with a qualified coach, kids aged between 9 and 15 from different backgrounds will learn social skills like teamwork, fairness and reliability.

The Hamburg Towers will also use the academy for scouting and development of new talents.

More about our partnership with Hamburg Towers (in German)



The Netherlands

The Nuon Solar Team

Nuon has been the principal sponsor of the Nuon Solar Team since 2001. The team is the reigning solar racing world champion. All team members are students from the Delft University of Technology who have taken a study break to focus on producing a solar car called Nuna. The car will compete in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge, a biennial race across Australia from Darwin to Adelaide for cars powered by solar energy. Next edition will be held in October 2019. This year the Nuon Solar Team will also participate in the Sasol Solar Challenge in South-Africa.

More information

Bridgestone World Solar Challenge

Sasol Solar Challenge 

Read facts about Nuna 9S (JPG 2 MB)

More about the Nuon Solar Team (in Dutch)


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