Local sponsorships

Vattenfall provides sponsorship for a range of local projects in our main markets. 

These projects include being the organiser and main sponsor of one of Europe's biggest cycling event, offering energy tips at the world's coldest market and supporting students in their development of a solar racing car.


The waterfall days in Trollhättan and Älvkarleby

In 1909, Vattenfall first began creating energy from the canal and water supply in Trollhättan, a town on the Swedish west coast. One year later, the power plant in Älvkarleby, north of Sweden, was built in order to supply the railroad with electricity. 

During "the waterfall days", the public can watch energy being extracted from the waterfalls. It is a unique experience to see hundreds of thousands of litres of water per second being released from the repository to create a spectacular waterfall.

Jokkmokk's marketplace - a 400 year old tradition

Jokkmokk's market is the world's coldest marketplace, and has taken place at the beginning of February every year since 1605. Around 40,000 people visit the marketplace each year. Jokkmokk's marketplace offers lectures, performances and Lappish traditions from the indigenous people of the northern region of Sweden.

Vattenfall is present at the marketplace with a heated Sami tent, offering warm lemonade, hand warmers and energy tips.


Berlin – Christmas illumination "Unter den Linden"

Energy in the most beautiful way: Vattenfall is the sponsor of Germany's largest Christmas lighting - the grand Christmas illumination along boulevard Unter den Linden in Berlin.

The illumination consists of 80,000 metre lighting chains around 270 trees. The impressive light sculptures enchant Berlin citizens as well as guests from all over the world. The Christmas illumination is Vattenfall's Christmas present to Berlin in order to say thank you for their good city partnership.

Hamburg – Vattenfall Cyclassics

The Vattenfall Cyclassics is an annual summer event that takes place in August, where people participate in different cycle races through the city of Hamburg. More than 23,000 people from all over the country and abroad participate and nearly 800,000 fans cheer along from the race tracks.

The Vattenfall Cyclassics is also the biggest European cycle event for bringing together both professional and amateur sportspeople. It is also the only German race within the highest cycle category UCI World Tour where the 18 best professional cycle teams compete against each other.

The Vattenfall Cyclassics are an integral part of Hamburg's yearly sports calendar, and include the Youngclassics for young amateurs as well as the Specialclassics for handicapped people. The Vattenfall Cyclassics have become a longstanding tradition and are part of Vattenfall's corporate culture – more than 700 Vattenfall employees take part each year as members of the biggest company team at the event.

Cottbus – FilmFestival

Since 2003, Vattenfall has been the First Partner of the highly renowned FilmFestival Cottbus, one of the most important film festivals in Brandenburg and in Germany.

For more than 21 years, Cottbus has been a meeting place for filmmakers, and it has approximately 20,000 festival viewers every year. The main aim of the event is the presentation and mediation of the Easter European Filmmaking. The Prime Minister of Brandenburg is the patron of the festival.

The Netherlands

The solar car Nuna

We have been the principal sponsor of the Nuon Solar Team since 2001. The team consists of a number of students from the Delft University of Technology that have taken a study break to focus on producing a solar car, called Nuna. The car will then compete in the World Solar Challenge, a biennial race across Australia from Darwin to Adelaide for cars powered by solar energy. More than 30 teams from around the world take part.

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