The future is fossil free

At Vattenfall we exist to help our customers power their lives in ever climate smarter ways. The goal is to be free from fossil fuels within one generation.

What this means for Vattenfall

Wind power continues to grow in all of Vattenfall's markets, both offshore and onshore.

Hydro power will continue to play a key role as a large-scale, on-demand and renewable energy source.

Energy storage systems such as batteries and pumped storage power plants are helping to manage the challenges presented by renewable and weather-dependent energy like wind and solar power.

Solar power will play an ever greater role in the future energy system, in both small- and large-scale installations.

Electrification of roads and transportation will contribute to significant reductions in CO2 emissions and noise in cities.

The city of the future is an emissions-free environment with sustainable heating solutions, solar panels on rooftops, a secure and flexible electricity grid, and electric vehicles on the streets.

Nuclear power will continue to play an important role in Sweden until it is decommissioned in the 2040s as a climate-neutral, cost-effective source of baseload electricity.

Electrification of industries like steel, cement, chemicals, and refineries has the potential to dramatically reduce CO2 emissions from industrial processes.

Fossil fuels will be phased out within a generation, and we are continuing on our path towards a complete phase-out of coal in our heat portfolio by 2030.

Digitalisation is enabling development of better customer offerings along with more efficient operations and management of assets.

New ways of working are helping us improve our interaction with customers. This is strengthening risk management and operational efficiency, which is driving value and growth.

Last updated: 2018-04-12 08:51