New heating plant in Uppsala one step closer to construction

Vattenfall is planning to invest a total of about SEK 3 billion (324 million euro) to replace peat and oil with renewable biomass and bio-oil. The investment program includes a new heating plant.

We are now inviting potential suppliers, with experience in building similar power plants, for an informal dialogue where we will present the project and discuss different technical solutions as well as how the new heating plant could be executed in the best way. Suppliers who are interested in bidding for the complete project or a major part of it can mail their contact details to:

Ingvar Winbo


  • Vattenfall began plans to build a combined heat and power plant in 2013 to replace the oldest boiler that needs to be phased out. Uppsala Municipality was involved in the decision. The plant was then to be built on municipal land adjacent to Vattenfall’s plant and an architectural competition was held.

  • In 2015 it was decided to build the new plant on Vattenfall’s own land. During this time the price of electricity dropped significantly to a level at which the profitability of the previously planned investment in electricity generation decreased significantly.

  • In continuing the project, Vattenfall has considered and analysed several alternatives to a new heat and power plant. The best solution under current market conditions is to build a heating plant which can be complemented by an efficient turbine at a later stage.

  • On 18 May Group management decided on the new direction for the project. The subsequent investments will be announced on an ongoing basis during 2016. A final investment decision is expected in 2018 with the aim of having the new heating plant up and running in 2021.
Last updated: 2016-06-23 13:26