International Trainee Programme

The challenges facing the world today require people who think creatively to find new solutions. We are looking for talented, driven people to help us change the world's energy for the better.

Please note that you can no longer apply to Vattenfall's International Trainee Programme for 2015–2016.

Vattenfall International Trainee programme (VITP) 2015–2016

Vattenfall has since 2004 offered international trainee programmes with trainees located in the Vattenfall sphere of countries; Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Poland, Germany, the Netherlands and in the UK. The latest programme started in September 2015. We sat down with Thérèse Troedsson, programme responsible for VITP 2015–2016, to find out more about the programme.

What can you tell us about the content of the programme?

The main part of the year is spent working in the company and learning more about the business. During the trainee year, the trainees will participate in 4 international seminars. The seminars have been design with the themes; leading yourself, leading people and leading the business. There are a number of site visits included in order for the trainees to get to know the different countries in which Vattenfall operates and the value chain of course.

The trainees will work in smaller teams in different projects that will be presented to the sponsors at the end of the trainee year.

The trainees will also go on two short term assignments within the Group. The idea is that the trainees should learn something completely new. Let’s say that they have a position in Production, then we will send them to explore Staff Functions and vice versa.

Positions? Do the trainees have fixed positions already from the start of the programme?

Yes, when applying to the VITP, the applicants apply for a specific position with an unlimited contract from day one. They are hired as an ordinary employee with the added “bonus” of being international trainees and taking part in the programme during the first twelve months of their employment.

What kind of positions are there?

I would say that they are spread out in the different countries. We will be looking for people within Sales, Finances, Nuclear, Wind, Renewables and IT, just to name a few. We hope to offer positions in all business units of our company.

What kind of educational background are you looking for?

Generally speaking we are looking for recently graduated people with at least one academic degree, who are proficient in English, additional knowledge in the local Vattenfall languages is a plus and for some positions a must. The trainee should be willing to move both geographically as well as within the organization. Then there are of course more specific requirements for each position.

When will the recruitment start and what will the process look like?

Please note that you can no longer apply to the trainee positions for 2015–2016.

We have started the selection process to go through all applications. A number of candidates will be interviewed by our recruiters together with business managers.

During the next phase we will invite two candidates per trainee position for an assessment. After that assessment, contracts are signed and the programme itself will start.

I am happy to say that we usually get a lot of applications which is really nice, but also means that it is a rather time consuming process as we want to go through the applications thoroughly not to miss anyone.

What happens after the programme?

This programme is a unique opportunity to get an in-depth insight into how our business works. You'll get to develop skills for your future career and take advantage of a wide range of opportunities. The overarching goal of the programme is to prepare and develop our trainees for future challenges as specialists or managers.

It is also likely to be the start of a career at Vattenfall. Most trainees have chosen to remain with the company: about 90 percent still work for Vattenfall.

There is also an alumni association that arranges different activities for the former trainees.

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