Elisabet Wahlstedt
Business developer, Commercial Steering, Stockholm

Rotations during the trainee programme:

  1. Vattenfall Management Consulting, Stockholm
  2. HR Group, Employer Branding, Amsterdam
Name: Elisabet Wahlstedt

What is your study background?

Master of Science in Industrial Engineering, Technical University of Lund, Sweden

Exchange year at Universidad Politécnica, Madrid, Spain

Why did you apply to Vattenfall?

During my studies, my technical profile was within Energy and Environmental Technology. This opened my eyes for the energy business, and my preference was to work with renewable energy. The opportunity to work in an international environment made Vattenfall an attractive employer.

Why a traineeship instead of a junior position?

As a trainee I get to see the different divisions of the company and extend my professional network, which makes a good platform for a first job. Additionally, the programme's focus on travelling and department visits gives the trainee group a 360-degree view of the company.

What's the greatest difference between studying and working?

The responsibility is different. When studying, you can only rely on your own ability in passing the final exams. When working it is more of a team effort all the way to the end. The focus is also different, when studying you usually get all the background information and the task is to find the answer. When working, it's almost the other way around.

What do you appreciate the most in your job?

The people! Vattenfall has a very positive working environment; people are very competent and helpful – a great combination. I also appreciate that I get to work with something that I find important, and it is fun that most people have an opinion about wind power; there is always something to discuss at social gatherings. My trainee assignments have been great. I was first with the Management Consultant team, followed by the Employer Branding department in Amsterdam. What other job would be this diverse and new-knowledge-focused!?

What challenges do you meet in your trainee position?

Being a trainee is great! The network really gets a big boost during the year. We learn a lot about the company's core business and we get to visit places that most people, both externally and internally, do not have the same access to. It could not be a better start in the company! However, the year is also a bit ad hoc and since we are always on the move and therefore only stay in a given project for a short period of time, it can be tricky to know where to focus.

What advice would you give to someone who is interested in applying for the trainee programme at Vattenfall?

If you are interested in the energy business, appreciate travelling and meeting new people, as well as enjoy learning a lot, then this programme is something for you. The application process is quite long and contains a lot of steps, but you will not regret it.

Last updated: 2013-10-30 09:40