Hélène Queruau
International Trainee, Berlin (next year Project Manager)

Rotations during the trainee programme:

  1. Distribution and Sales, Distribution, Operations Germany, Metering, Berlin and Hamburg
  2. Distribution and Sales, Distribution, Distribution development, Strategy, Berlin
  3. Staff Functions, Communications, Stakeholder Relations EU, Brussels
  4. Sustainable Energy Projects, Offshore Wind Projects, London
Name: Hélène Queruau

What is your study background?

I studied at the École supérieure d'électricité (Supélec), a French engineering school, with focus on Energy.

I also spent an exchange semester at the Technical University in Berlin. Then I did a second Master in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Georgia Tech in the United States.

Why did you apply to Vattenfall?

I wanted to work in the energy business because it is going through many changes from a technological, business and political perspective. Also, Vattenfall is present in some of the most exciting cities in Europe.

Why a traineeship instead of a junior position?

I wanted to get an overview of the energy value chain and experience as much as possible in terms of different job functions and countries.

What's the greatest difference between studying and working?

Working is not just the work you produce; interacting with colleagues and business partners is just as important.

What do you appreciate the most in your job?

I get the opportunity to travel, meet a lot of new people, discover many different types of jobs as well as get a broad understanding of the energy business. The seminars aiming at soft skills development are also really good. As a trainee, it is nice to be part of a group of young people who started at the same time in the company, work in different Business Units, and that you meet regularly.

What challenges do you meet in your trainee position?

The rhythm can be challenging as you only stay for a few weeks in every environment. You need to be able to quickly connect with people and process new information. Getting interesting tasks when you stay a very short period requires good organisation and knowing what you want.

What advice would you give to someone who is interested in applying for the trainee programme at Vattenfall?

If you like diversity in your job, go for it!

Last updated: 2013-10-30 09:19