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Trainee stories

Are you looking for inside stories from our young professionals? Stories that show and tell what it is like when you're new at Vattenfall?

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Meet Caroline Andersson

"Being part of the international trainee program really broadens my perspective."

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Compensation and benefits

As an employee at Vattenfall you can expect recognition, competitive compensation and benefit packages. 

Compensation and benefits


Diversity and inclusion

Diversity and inclusion is not an objective in itself. It's a matter of being the company we want to be and a company we are proud of.

Diversity and inclusion

Our principles

The arena we operate in calls for new ways of working and that is why we have defined four Experience Principles.

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Career FAQ

In our FAQ section we have gathered some of the most common questions about applying and working at Vattenfall.

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Students, graduates and employees

Are you at the start or the end of your higher education? We have a range of opportunities available to help students and graduates fulfil their potential: 

  • Internship
  • Thesis projects
  • International graduate programmes

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