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Curious student ready for a challenging assignment? Creative vision on how to engage people and enthusiastic about applying new digital ways of working? We have just the assignment for you!

We’re an international Energy company with a variety of professionals, each with their own superpowers. Release Your Superpowers!

Let's start with an introduction 

One very exciting part of our business is the business area Wind, developing and operating wind power in Sweden, Germany, The Netherlands, The UK and Denmark. An extremely fast growing area with brilliant people for which we are recruiting and onboarding many new employees in a high pace.
Onboarding is an essential part of the employee journey and entails many different steps. At the moment we have many sources on our intranet that guide new employees, but they are sometimes hard to find. We are lacking some structured information for new employees to get them going in the first weeks/months.

Next to that we see a lot of different ways of working coming from managers who have just hired a new employee. As a new employee within the business area Wind chances are high that you have a manager from abroad, so a good onboarding process is essential for a kick-start or their career at Vattenfall. Also we are recruiting a lot of young people who are much more used to use digital media and video. Our existing documents are not fit for purpose taking the needs of this target group into account.

What is this exciting assignment about?

You task as part of our team with brilliant people will be to examine and improve the onboarding process. What do we ask from you? To develop an online manual, that can be easily maintained and accessed, for all new employees to facilitate in their onboarding. Think of it as a guide for the first months of their career in BA Wind in Vattenfall, including some tips for their first weeks in Vattenfall on who to talk to and what to read.

It should also contain information that preferably is not changing too often or maybe even added as a Wiki, so it can be updated maintained by the staff itself. We expect you to bring your creativity and investigate the possibilities to use video and other media to integrate in the manual.

You will develop the manual in an agile way of working. You will not launch the full pack at once, but release parts when they are ready. Your assignment starts with a proposal on what elements could be covered by the manual, based on interviews in the organization and a more detailed assignment from HR.
When can you start?
If it where up to us, you can start as soon as possible. We will cover the onboarding for you in the meantime. The duration of your assignment is to be discussed. We expect that 12 weeks will be enough. If you are open for other operational work or you have specific requirements in terms of duration we are open to further discuss this.

Who are you?

  • Bachelor or Master in Communications and/or HRM 
  • Fluent in English
  • Able to develop an idea, set-up a structure on the manual and execute on the content
  • Enthusiastic self-starter 
What do we bring to the table?
You get to be part of a fun, informal and diverse atmosphere. Experience brilliant people coming together, eager to find the best solutions. Your home base will be Amsterdam, but you will get the opportunity to visit some of our other locations in North West Europe. We offer you an internship compensation of EUR 500,- a month based on a full-time internship.
Want more information? 
If you have any questions, please contact Lorraine Melissen via  
Will we meet each other soon? Make sure to highlight your Superpowers in your cover letter!

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