M.Sc. thesis: Comparison of different thermal hydraulic modelling approaches with respect to basic conservation equations

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Modelling of thermal hydraulics of BWR (boiling water reactors) is inherently dependent on the capability to predict the behavior of liquid water, steam and their two-phase mixture. System codes typically used for such modelling are therefore based on two-fluid models. A full description of two fluids requires two sets of conservation equations for mass, momentum and energy. The challenge of such a 6-equation code is to describe the interaction of the two fluids. Notably the transfer of momentum between steam and water droplets represents a specific challenge.
Some system codes refrain therefore from a full description by a 6-equation model and implement 5- or 3-equation models instead. The missing equations are in such cases replaced by correlations (e.g. drift flux correlation in combination with a 5-equation model) or by simplifications (e.g. assuming thermal equilibrium between the phases).
Work description
The objective of this master thesis is to investigate the impact of different modelling approaches on the ability to predict BWR behavior. A number of validation cases with known experimental results will therefore be simulated using 6-, 5- and 3-equation models in the same system code (APROS).
A successful candidate should have a strong background in thermal-hydraulic and a genuine interest in simulations. No nuclear-power specific knowledge is required. Communicative level of Swedish is an advantage. A frequent visit in the main office in Forsmark is required, while some part of the work could be done independently from one of the Forsmark remote offices (Uppsala, Gävle and Solna).
You are welcome to submit your application including CV, cover letter and a list of your grades via the application button at this page. The last day to apply is November 30th 2017. The recruitment process will be finalized before Christmas.

A gratification will be payed to applicant upon successful completion of the master thesis.

For more information do not hesitate to contact the supervisor
Milan Tesinsky
Process Engineer 
tel. 0705 455 718

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