Master thesis: Tidal park within off-shore wind power park

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Wind power is currently one of the most important sources of clean energy. European offshore wind power installed capacity increased around 12 times during the last five years from 1GW to 12.6 GW which means around 2.625 offshore wind turbines already installed.
The auxiliary services (navigation lights, sensor- and communication-apparatus, ventilation- and heating equipment etc.) of the offshore wind turbines operate to avoid any damage in the wind turbine components and provide a safe environment due to the special conditions in the sea. These systems need power supply when the wind turbines are disconnected form the network.

Nowadays, diesel generator solution is used to feed auxiliary services of the offshore wind turbines during long time disconnections to the grid. These disconnections occur during the offshore wind farm installation stage or due to a failure in the wind farm connection system.
Looking for a new solution which can provide energy during long time of grid-disconnection and no wind conditions, tidal small park could be a solution to support the offshore wind farms avoiding diesel generators. Within tidal park, the auxiliary services could be fed every day during the whole year due to this predictable energy. This solution could also increase the power production of the wind farms which means more economical benefits and makes the offshore wind farm as a 100% green energy source.

The thesis will produce a technical comparison between tidal solution and other auxiliary power supplies for installation and emergency grid-disconnections and will be focus on:
• Avoid the actual diesel generators which generates CO emissions. This solution is not clean and generates a high dependence of diesel combustible price.
• Tidal park together with offshore wind farms to support long time disconnections to the network and produce extra power.
• Elaborate on other alternatives for emergency power supply.

Investigate the size and number of the tidal units required for supporting an offshore wind farm
• Estimation of the maximum power needs in terms of power/time through the actual diesel generators characteristics used in the offshore wind turbine.
• State of art of the technical tidal park connection
o Availability of the tidal energy source in terms of hours, days and seasons.
o European locations in which is possible to produce enough electricity from tidal energy and compatible with the requirements for the wind farms installation.
o Characteristics of the commercial tidal units.
• Comparison between tidal and other energies as solar and waves in terms of power availability.
• Study of the complementary battery system.
• Tidal versus diesel generators cost comparison.
o Analysis of the cost of the diesel generator and tidal units for this purpose: cost per unit (depending on dimensions & power), combustible (SEK/hour) and extra equipment (battery)
• Benefits from tidal units installed with offshore wind farms:
o Study of the possibility to have more free space or small in the wind turbine platforms.
o Study of the possibility to use the offshore wind farm export cables.
o Benefits from the tidal extra energy production.

A gratification will be payed to applicant upon successful completion of the master thesis.
For further information, contact:
Lara Pérez Andrés
Senior R&D Engineer Vattenfall R&D
Phone: +46 702352367


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