What Vattenfall is looking for

Finding the right talent is critical to our success. We're always looking for good leaders and highly competent people. But what specific characteristics will make you right for Vattenfall?

We are looking for people who....

... keep their promises

We are realistic and honest about the things we promise. Reliability and consideration for others shape our actions. We do what we say, we keep our promises, and we foster a trustful environment.

... entrust themselves to their team

We are committed to inspiring confidence in the individual and in the team – even if this means stepping out of our personal comfort zones. Constructive management of mistakes creates an atmosphere of mutual trust and encourages learning and developing.

... believe in what they do

Our actions are driven by our conviction to provide a contribution to our environment and to serve the public interest. Our belief in our long-term strategic direction provides the basic guidelines for our decisions.

... dare to make decisions on their own

We take responsibility for our commitments. We thoroughly weigh the pros and cons, consult with each other and make decisions. We take the risk to assume responsibility.

... think in the long term

We favour long-term stability over quick wins. We pursue our goals with perseverance and patience.

... appreciate small steps

We know that meaningful progress is based on the sum of a number of small steps. We also know that a pragmatic approach and steadiness of purpose wins the race. This drives us in the pursuit of our long-term objectives and our fundamental belief in our ability to shape the future.

... challenge things to make them better

We strive for improvement – conforming to the status quo is not an option for us. We continuously review our actions – on the personal and corporate levels.

... take chances to develop

We strive for progress and performance – we seek change and continuous improvement. We actively shape our future and manage our personal development.

Sounds like you? Then search for a job at Vattenfall.

Last updated: 2013-10-23 11:23