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One programme, 12 months, 22 young professionals, 5 countries, 22 departments, 6 nationalities, 13 women, 9 men, one 4 week assignment abroad, one 8 week assignment abroad and countless adventures. What this diverse mix of people has in common is an enormous amount of energy and the incentive to power climate smarter living.

"It's our future and we have to change it!"
Björn Franck, Trainee District Heating

Whether you are studying Mechanical Engineering, Data Performance Management or Information Systems, there is always a story for you to identify with. If you are curious about our young professionals, follow their journey in the first year of their career to learn how they are facilitating climate smarter living. Subscribe to our social media channels to never miss out on a story.

6 November 2017

Merel Tombrock

Seminar week in Stockholm

"Even though we all had different backgrounds, coming from different countries and having a varied educational background, we all shared the same drive, willingness to learn and an open mindset."

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