Being part of creating a fossil free generation

Focusing on a Master's programme, with energy as its main subject, for the last five years, I've been fuelled with knowledge on energy production, the economics behind it and the constant link with the environment. 

Working on phasing out fossil fuels and transforming the energy landscape in Europe to renewable energy production, with the incentive to "Power Climate Smarter Living” is a truly inspiring journey. When applying for the International Trainee Programme, my focus was to always emphasise the will to be part of this journey, contribute to the transition and the ongoing electrification of our world.

What I didn’t realise when I was still studying is the complexity of this ambition, lacking the knowledge of the complete picture of the energy chain from production to delivery. My current position within Vattenfall’s electricity distribution area has given me an insight I didn’t have before. Creating sustainability in an increasing electrified world not only focuses on renewable production, but also includes sustainable transmission and delivery to customers. Electrical cars, urbanization, decentralization - all examples of development we are part of. I’ve learned a well-developed grid, is a necessity for us to be able to cope with the increasing volumes the ongoing and future electrification requires.

The traineeship provides a base for solving future challenges. I am contributing to changing the future every day through my involvement in the evolution our regulated grid is undergoing and focussing continuously on customer centricity. We keep researching and developing to increase our service level for all customers. This can be seen through digitalization, customer satisfaction measurements and development projects focusing on energy saving solutions offered to customers.

Analysing future trends, markets and overall development of the grid all have a direct impact on the infrastructure. Even if the forecasts I’m constructing are on a long-term basis, it is thrilling to realize that the work will lead to an actual change on the electricity market. This can even affect the entire chain in the future energy production.

What Vattenfall’s International Trainee programme provides, except for bringing together a wide range of different competences, is the possibility to connect the dots. By exchanging thoughts and experiences through common study visits and seminar weeks, each and every trainee is able to gain valuable knowledge of the large organisation.

A unique possibility to develop our skills and create versatility in our newly started professional life, with the purpose of being part of the journey towards an electrified and sustainable world. For me, that is to truly help Power Climate Smarter Living.

Last updated: 2017-11-28 10:35