The trainee program broadens my perspective

The complex art of engineering behind a nuclear power plant has always fascinated me. In addition, the extensive range of things going on right now makes it an exciting moment to be joining the energy sector.

As an international trainee I'm located at the nuclear power plant Ringhals, south of Gothenburg in Sweden. Two of the plants at the site are planned to remain in operation for over 20 more years, while the other two plants will be undergoing decommissioning during the upcoming years. This contrast and the ongoing changes caught my attention when I was looking for a position matching my ambitions after graduation.

Nuclear power plays a fundamental role supporting Vattenfall's ambition to become fossil free within one generation. Not only is this powerful source of energy stable and reliable, but also low on CO2 emissions. My contribution to accomplishing this goal is to work with system health at Ringhals on a daily basis, thereby ensuring our ability to generate power. System health is about having a holistic view and making sure that we know the condition of the systems in our plants. As a part of this, I've been working with status assessments of our systems as well as developing the process in which we are performing these assessments.



Besides my position at Ringhals, I get to spend about a third of the trainee year in other parts of Vattenfall. Currently, I'm in Hamburg supporting a project that is dismantling parts of the Brunsbüttel nuclear power plant. In contrast to working on ensuring power generation on a daily basis, this provides me with a completely different perspective. Coming up next, I'll be spending two months working with asset management within offshore wind. Through this I look forward to gaining insight in power generation from another energy source.

Being part of the international trainee program really broadens my perspective. Besides the assignments in different parts of Vattenfall, there are seminar weeks with training and study visits together with the other trainees. These activities enable me to gain an understanding of the interfaces within the organisation as well as the dynamics on the market.

Moreover, meeting people from various business areas makes it possible to build an extensive network that will be valuable for many years to come. In addition to this, I'm assigned responsibilities and tasks in my daily work that constantly keep me on my toes and push me forward in my professional development. This combination makes me confident that I'm right where I want to be starting my career.

Last updated: 2018-03-19 08:35