I want to fight climate change

"You are working for Vattenfall? I thought you wanted to fight climate change!" I seem to get this kind of question a lot since I started my Trainee Program in the heat sector. 

Many people still see Vattenfall in Germany as a coal-based business that is stuck in the past. What they don't know is that major changes are happening at Vattenfall. It is because of these changes that I saw an opportunity to help them make the transition to clean energy a success.

And what would you do? Would you avoid a company who is undergoing a huge transformation to a more climate-friendly business, just because it is not yet finished? Or would you say, this is the place where my work, motivation and belief are needed in the future? This is my choice.

Since I started working here I am more and more impressed with the interesting and diversified projects within Vattenfall. So, I thought, perhaps I just need to do a better job explaining to people why I am optimistic about the future at Vattenfall and the projects I am working on, and then, just maybe, they too will see Vattenfall the way I do.

One thing that inspires me at Vattenfall in Germany is that they have set a goal to phase out coal by 2030 in Berlin. After having switched the Klingenberg power plant from lignite to gas in May 2017, there are still two hard-coal fired power plants in Berlin that need to be switched to a more climate-friendly fuel. But such a transition cannot happen overnight. Therefore, we are working on several solutions. One of them is to electrify heat by combining both the heat and power sectors. Thereby, giant electrical boilers are used to heat up water, powered with excess energy from renewables.

My days at work vary just as much as the projects I am involved in. Most days I am simulating future power plant scenarios on the computer. When this is done I reach out to the power plants to see if our calculated solutions are feasible with their practices. In addition to this my days are filled with meetings and conversations with colleagues and other stakeholders outside of Vattenfall, like those located close to our constructions sites or the government. Collaboration is key, as there is so much knowledge and information which needs to be gathered. As you can tell, I never work on my own.

As a recent graduate, I feel that my motivation for a brighter future and new perspectives on energy allow me to add value to my projects at Vattenfall. As an International trainee there are many possibilities where I can contribute. I have the opportunity to go on two assignments, one in Sweden and one in Amsterdam, to learn how other markets are approaching similar problems. I will participate in a training week where I will be introduced to like-minded trainees that inspire and push me. All these different projects, opportunities to learn and experiences are the reason why I go to work every day with a smile on my face.

Last updated: 2018-01-05 12:23