Great conditions for fast personal development

I'm driven by challenging the impossible and pushing in situations where there is only one way to go: forward!

I am a strong advocate of continuous improvement and with this attitude I started as a nuclear finance & procurement trainee almost a year ago at Vattenfall within business area Generation, in my opinion the brightest shining star of all Vattenfall’s business areas.

On an everyday basis, I work within the business support department at Ringhals and Forsmark nuclear power plants. My general focus is on cost efficient business execution, in the interface between finance and procurement. My position is tailored to my preferences, supported by competent colleagues and focused management attention, which make great conditions for fast and accelerated personal development.

Two months into the trainee year, I was given the chance and responsibility of monitoring the progress of an efficiency portfolio, commonly known as the RingFors portfolio. This portfolio consists of various projects and initiatives that jointly will make our Swedish nuclear power production reach its strategic production cost target. In this process, lean operations are a prerequisite for value creation and growth, supporting one of Vattenfall’s several beliefs. This responsibility challenges my abilities and drives me in my daily work. The portfolio results are reported in a variety of management forums, naturally enhancing my personal visibility and expanding my network within the business.

Within the trainee program, I have also had the chance to work in other parts of Vattenfall for 3-6 months and I'm currently on my second assignment of the trainee year, at Fleet Development. Fleet Development is a staff function of Business area Generation that provides support by leading, managing and monitoring assets. In addition to supporting the business area with asset management the function also focus on business development and target priority activities. For example, we ensure value creation when it comes to the overall nuclear activities, consolidating the need of investments, asset development and continuously monitoring and interpreting the regulatory requirements of the nuclear operations.

Fleet Development also participates in several strategic forums with external parties, such as politicians, governmental agencies and industry organisations in order to provide legitimate and relevant decision making reports to the top management in Vattenfall. Apart from using the collected information for management reporting, the department uses the intelligence to support the different units within the business area with input contributing to their overall development.

One of my contributions during my assignment is to assess the Chinese market, collecting information and data to investigate how we can benefit from utilizing new supplier markets. The Chinese market is particularly interesting due to its rapid growth when it comes to nuclear and hydro power plants.

The ongoing and accelerated transition of the energy landscape has a huge impact on the supplier market which, in itself, is an additional stimulator for Vattenfall to change and adapt. My ambition is to provide Vattenfall with a glimpse of the future and contribute to securing our long-term production and delivery to the market. The range of issues handled by this department is quite wide. Thus, some complementary designated tasks and contributions of mine are nuclear property tax estimations, frequency interferences and long-term strategic issues of the business area.

My assigned tasks are undeniably extensive, demanding and challenging. They all work as stimulators to my inner drive, creating an environment full of challenging situations where the going forward and pushing limits is key. Just the way I like it.

Last updated: 2018-06-29 11:38