The start of my career

First week, first impressions and first business trip to Stockholm.

1 September 2017 – the day that my life as a student was officially over and the professional life started. A little bit nervous as I approached the modern, open Nuon office in Amsterdam. Luckily, my manager and team were there to provide a warm welcome. My day was filled with meeting a lot of people, installing the company phone, laptop and obtaining the employee pass. Before I knew it my first day had ended and it was time to prepare for the next day's flight to Stockholm, Sweden.

In the first week, all 22 new international trainees were meeting at Vattenfall's headquarters. I decided to travel on Saturday to check out the city of Stockholm before the seminar week started, as it was said to be a busy week. After learning about 'fika' and visiting the beautiful city center, it was time to start the seminar week. The atmosphere was great and full of positive energy. Even though we all had different backgrounds, coming from different countries and having a varied educational background, we all shared the same drive, willingness to learn and an open mindset.

"Luckily for us this was just the beginning and the fun didn't stop here."

We did so many different things during the week: team building to get to know each other, getting a lot of information about the company's mission and vision and working on our personal development. Some of the highlights of the week were: meeting the trainee group, getting inspirational talks from executive management, site visits to a nuclear and hydro power plant and seeing the R&D lab. Luckily for us this was just the beginning and the fun didn't stop here. We will have three weeks of seminars during our traineeship year and several Skype meetings with all trainees.

Aside from our trainee adventures, we have our individual 'daily jobs'. I'm part of the Data Performance Management team of Business-to-Business sales in Amsterdam. Together with my team I try to provide customers with the best experience. We do this by analysing large amounts of data for example, to forecast the volumes for the upcoming years. This enables us to stay on top of our customers wishes for new and sustainable energy solutions.

For now, I'm very excited for the experiences to come. Currently I am involved in a project called 'The addressable market' where I work together with two colleagues in our own Agile-inspired team. The project will last two and a half months and is divided into six two-week sprints. Together we discuss and design the final project and plan our steps accordingly. I am assigned the task of Scrum Master in our team, which is the person who facilitates the rest the team so that they can perform to their best.

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