Diversity and inclusion

Diversity and inclusion – in everything we do.

"A more enjoyable way of working"

Having different people with a range of different perspectives on things, creates the conditions for doing better business. It means seeking different approaches to the issues we need to tackle, properly representing the world around us and having a large selection of candidates when we need to recruit. I also believe it leads to a more tolerant climate in our workplaces and a more enjoyable way of working.

Magnus Hall
President and CEO Vattenfall

"Making everyone feel included"

It is a fact that diverse teams can outperform homogeneous teams. But we can only unleash and leverage the power of diversity, if we make everybody feel included.

Tuomo Hatakka
Diversity & Inclusion Officer and Senior Vice President Heat

Strengthen the Vattenfall Way

Diversity and inclusion is not an objective in itself. It's a matter of being the company we want to be and a company we are proud of. In the end it's about doing better business by making the most of all aspects of our skills and knowledge.

Everything starts with the customer

Our customers are more diverse today than ever before. With a higher diversity amongst our employees, we are better able to understand different needs, and meet our customers' expectations.

Continuous learning is key to success

Individuals who feel included and valued will feel welcome to share their perspectives and knowledge. Diverse teams mean a variety of perspectives leading to more dialogue and greater opportunities to learn from each other.

Great people make all the difference

An environment where we are encouraged to speak up and are valued for our differences is more dynamic, more creative and more motivating.

By attracting and recruiting colleagues outside the current norms, we gain access to new knowledge, skills and experiences and increase our ability to change and drive innovation.

Deliver on our promises

By delivering on our diversity and inclusion strategy, with clear targets and defined activities, we will live diversity and inclusion and realise our ambition to achieve a truly diverse and inclusive workplace.

Today's actions determine the future

Expectations on companies are increasing and we want to be an attractive and performance oriented employer. Through diverse teams we get a greater variety of perspectives challenging the status quo, nurturing innovation and leading to better results.

Last updated: 2017-07-01 02:00