Diversity and inclusion

At Vattenfall we build on the fact that diverse teams can outperform homogeneous teams. But we can only unleash and leverage the power of diversity, if we make everybody feel included.

Different people with different perspectives on things create the conditions for doing better business. It means seeking for different approaches to the issues we need to tackle, properly representing the world around us and having a large selection of candidates when we need to recruit. All in all, we believe it leads to a more tolerant climate in our workplaces and a more enjoyable way of working.

What diversity and inclusion mean to us


Who we are …

We are all individuals. We differ in gender identity, sexual orientation, education, age, cultural heritage, ethnicity, experience, family status, beliefs, religion and perspectives.


... and how we behave

is about feeling valued and able to contribute. Inclusion is when everyone feels part of the team.

Two sides of the same coin. Diversity is about ensuring we are different. Inclusion is when we make the most of those differences.

Since 2015 Diversity and inclusion is firmly established in our strategy and all members of Vattenfall's Executive Group Management actively support our D&I vision and strategy and show their commitment in different ways.

'Diversity means a more enjoyable way of working.'

Magnus Hall
President and CEO Vattenfall


'I want everyone to feel included.'

Tuomo Hatakka
Senior Vice President Heat
Diversity & Inclusion Officer

To support our D&I strategy, the Vattenfall principles Active, Open, Positive and Safety guide us towards a diverse and inclusive company.

We are open for and positive to diverse perspectives and work actively to realise our ambition to be a truly diverse and inclusive workplace, thus enabling our employees to feel safe and valued for who they are and unleash and leverage the power of diversity. 

We believe the best solutions are created by staying curious and inviting everyone to participate in powering climate smarter living.

Diversity and inclusion – in everything we do


Gender identity and sexual orientation

Ethnicity, religion or other beliefs

Generational diversity

Individual capabilities

Employee networks

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