Ethnicity, religion or other beliefs

Our aim is to create a welcoming and open culture where we value individual differences and people are able to perform to their full potential, regardless of their ethnicity, religion or other belief.

In some sites we have built special retreat areas where our employees are able to pray, relax or just take some time off during the day. Furthermore, we want to increase our cultural diversity at Vattenfall, as we are convinced it will make us stronger and better. That's why we are engaged in refugee work in many ways. For example, we take on quite a few newly arrived in internships and we participate in a mentoring program, where our employees can be a mentor for a newly arrived to Sweden.

We have also started to investigate how culturally and ethnically diverse we are and, at the same time, we track regularly if our managers are fit to lead multicultural teams.

Diversity and inclusion - in everything we do

Diversity and inclusion


Gender identity and sexual orientation

Generational diversity

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