Gender identity and sexual orientation

For Vattenfall it is clearly beneficial to have different, diverse people and groups at work, and it goes without saying that we engage in support for non-heterosexual employees.

Unconscious bias has been seen as one of the most important obstacle to an open and inclusive culture. That's why our aim is to raise and support awareness and an open dialogue about the possible existing stereotypes on non-heterosexual people in our company. Consequently Vattenfall has been supporting the annual Pride-weeks that are dedicated to equality and acceptance of people with different sexual identities and lifestyles.

In summer 2017, the company engaged in various Pride activities in Stockholm, Luleå and Amsterdam and for the first time also in Germany. Several Vattenfall top managers have participated as supporters and in Berlin, for example, all major Vattenfall sites flew rainbow flags in support of the Pride. To start the Pride week in Hamburg, Vattenfall, as one of the main sponsors, illuminated Hamburg´s new concert hall Elbphilharmonie in rainbow colours. In honour of Pride Amsterdam, Nuon illuminated its heat buffer at the Diemen power plant in rainbow colours throughout the event.

Diversity and inclusion - in everything we do

Diversity and inclusion


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