Gender diversity is about equal opportunities for men and women in the workplace, because jointly they make our company even more successful.

We are convinced that mixed (management) teams cover a greater variety of perspectives engaging a high-performance culture. They own the potential to make the most out of our skills and knowledge, leading to more innovation and better results. That's why it is our goal to increase the proportion of women in management positions across the Group.

In a long term view we strive for a balanced sex ratio across all management levels and employee functions. Our short term goal is to ensure a ratio of minimum 35% female hirings of vacant management positions. We are constantly measuring, reviewing and tracking the progress that is being made. This allows us to ensure our staffing decisions are transparent and justifiable. We are proud that, since 2014, our female managers ratio has increased by 5%, to 23%. In order to accelerate the progress, we have developed a wide range of measures. These include various development programmes, initiatives to foster a cultural change and to reduce gender bias in recruitment procedures, leadership events, female coaching programmes and several mentoring initiatives.

Diversity and inclusion - in everything we do

Diversity and inclusion

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