Our four Principles

Vattenfall is committed to continuously accelerating and powering its transition to further electrification and renewable energy. 

The arena we operate in calls for new ways of working and that is why we have defined four principles:

We need to be very active to achieve our purpose, we need to be open and collaborate with people and other partners; and we also have to be positive about the development and see solutions rather than problems. And we could never compromise on safety – this is a fundamental principle for us.


We are focused on action and want to urgently accelerate the impact we can make for customers and the world around us. We believe that by being accountable and performance focused we can make a difference faster. We are passionately active.


We are a business powered by people and partnerships. We believe the best solutions are created by staying curious and inviting everyone to participate in powering climate smarter living. We are proudly open.


We are confident and courageous in the difference we seek to make. We believe that by being positive, optimistic and generous we can inspire everyone to contribute to creating a better energy future. We are inspiringly positive.


We are completely committed to the health, safety and wellbeing of our employees and our contractors, and we care for the communities we serve. Safety comes first in all of our operations and is our fundamental priority.

Last updated: 2018-02-15 15:29