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Is it possible to buy shares in Vattenfall?

No. The parent company of the Vattenfall Group, Vattenfall AB is a non-listed company, 100% owned by the Swedish state. The Swedish Government has stated that it has no intention to privatise the company.

Is it possible to buy bonds issued by Vattenfall?

Yes. Vattenfall has issued several bonds which are traded on the secondary market. For more information about Vattenfall's outstanding bonds, debt issuance programmes, prospectuses, please follow the link to our Funding section. For more information how to purchase Vattenfall bonds, please consult your bank for more details. There may be minimum amount requirements for such purchases.

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What is Vattenfall's strategy regarding hedging of electricity wholesale prices?

Vattenfall hedges its exposure in accordance with established mandates and generally for three years ahead in time. Vattenfall discloses percentages of generation hedged as well as hedge prices on a quarterly basis. Please refer to the presentation slides made available in connection with the release of Vattenfall's quarterly reports for more information about Vattenfall's hedging.

Which accounting principles are used in Vattenfall's accounts?

Since 2005 Vattenfall's consolidated accounts have been prepared in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

What are Vattenfall's financial targets?

The financial targets pertain to profitability, capital structure and the dividend policy, and were set by Vattenfall's owner at an extraordinary general meeting in December 2017. These targets are intended to ensure that Vattenfall creates value and generates a market rate of return, that the capital structure is efficient, and that financial risk is kept at a reasonable level.

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Last updated: 2018-07-17 09:50