Vattenfall’s investment plan

Vattenfall's investment plan for the coming two years (2016–2017) amounts to SEK 47 billion. The majority of Vattenfall's growth investments are being made in renewable energy, mainly wind power.

Vattenfall has decided on an investment plan of SEK 24 billion for 2016 and has a forecast investment plan of SEK 23 billion for 2017.

Project Country Type Capacity Completion
HOB Haferweg Germany Heat, gas 150 MW heat 2016
Lichterfelde Germany CHP, gas 300 MW electricity, 230 MW heat 2016
Akkats Sweden Hydro power 150 MW (rebuild) 2016
Pen y Cymoedd
UK Wind, onshore 228 MW 2017
Germany Wind, offshore 288 MW 2017
UK Wind, onshore 54 MW 2017
Horns Rev III
Denmark Wind, offshore 400 MW 2019
Last updated: 2016-03-23 11:27