Risks and hedging

Vattenfall applies conscious and balanced risk-taking in which business transactions are reviewed from both profitability and risk perspectives.

Well-considered risk management provides scope to capitalise on business opportunities.

Risk management is part of Vattenfall's governance and led by the Board's risk and safety committee. The committee's most important duties are:

  • To conduct drafting work for the board in its efforts to oversee and quality-assure safety and risk work, including the focus areas: nuclear power safety, dam safety and the environment.
  • To conduct an annual review and, when the committee deems it suitable, provide suggestions regarding Vattenfall's strategy, identification and handling of the safety and risk matters.
  • To monitor and review development of Vattenfall's guidelines, instructions and overall framework for management and control of safety and risk issues.
  • To review and make recommendations regarding risk appetite and risk exposure within Vattenfall.
Last updated: 2015-04-28 14:01